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A bit of history

Digital Art Source started as an effort to make links to new media art and this area of culture available and easier to find.

Since 1999, it has been administered and supported by Scott Weiland and Tom Dominick. Digital Art Source is not the only site of it's kind. Other sites will serve you better in many respects and that is why our focus is on linking you to them. Over time, Digital Art Source will become a better source for links, content, and announcements.

Our focus now is to create better ways to connect people to ideas, information and generate community. That's it. With the best intentions, we do it at our own cost and as time allows. The link set and content is edited and therefore Digital Art Source is, admittedly, not an objective source.

Any suggestions or especially essays or articles our users wish to submit are very welcome. Digital Art Source is your portal to the world of New Media Art. Thanks for your visit.

Scott Weiland
Independent Curator

Tom Dominick
Web Developer/Graphic Designer