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Saturday Night Fever: Digitally Mastered
Teri Hoskin--Noon QuiltDress to fit the part, wait like all the rest, and drop $20 at the door.. Saturday night has always meant quality digital art. In fact, the most compelling digital art continues to be the club scene. The announcement cards for club events are clearly, hands down, far and away the cutting edge of design and typography..  read more
Image: "Playgirl", Axis Foundation for Art and Gender

Hypertext Artists
Teri Hoskin--Noon QuiltHypertext writing is becoming a common means for writers to enter into the sphere of digital art. The First International Hypertext Competition took place in 1998 and pointed to a growth of webzines and online journals which promote the exploration of hypertexts. While hypertext writing utilizes the most fundamental of processes (links) as the tricks of the trade, the results are as varied as you could expect.  read more
image: Teri Hoskin "Noon Quilt" (

Ghost City by Jody Zellen
Teri Hoskin--Noon QuiltI have just discovered Ghost City by Jody Zellen and I think it's digital art. It's found on the web and it comes from the primordial 0,1 universe but some similar such things don't often come off with this much style. It's designy I must admit, but that's a mark in it's favor. It seems to have no chalk another.  read more
Image from by Jody Zellen

STELARC--Parasite Digital Turf: Australia
Digital art and culture is growing all over the world and some cultures are producing more than their share. While surfing you may have noticed that ".au" is the source for many innovative transmissions. From webzines to journals of theory, the aussies are making their mark on the web and in the expanding discourse of new media.  read more
image: STELARC "Parasite" (from

Practice/Field: Architecture and New Media
Digital media has underwritten the scenario of architectural practice. It's ubiquity in the design process has generated what can be thought of as the field, or the conditions of the scenario. Within the parameters of the field conditions, which includes the texts of historical praxis, Dennis Dollens--Tumble Trussstructural plans and existing landmarks, a negotiated and reconciled practice takes place. The media itself circumscribes its presentational and representational modes. Drawing, for instance, is no longer an inscription. In this scenario it is a mediated authority; a digital rendering. “The textual/rendering surface has become permanently bistable. We are always looking AT it and then THROUGH it, and this oscillation creates a different implied ideal of decorum, both stylistic and behavioral.”  read more
Image: Dennis Dollens "Tumble Truss" (from

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